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Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way of removing undesired hair from the body.

Laser Hair Removal Winnipeg

Laser hair removal functions by directing a focused infrared light pulse through the skin to where it warms up and destroys hair follicles . Your laser energy is attracted to the dark pigment ( melanin ) which is within the hair follicle. Hence laser hair removal works best with dark curly hair. Lighter in weight hair colours such as red, red-colored, or white / off white may not have a good result to laser hair removal.

Men and women seek laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair. Common areas treated are the face ( lips, cheeks Per region, guitar neck, brow ), headsets lobe, neck, rear, under the arm , stomach , butt, bikini place , genital location , upper thighs, chest, hands, legs, arms, and feet.

Laser hair removal has been used for over 15 years and the Food & Drug Administration of USA approved the use of lasers for “ permanent hair reduction ” in 1997.

Juvederm winnipeg

Laserlight hair removal is fast , soft, and successful. Many people will need 6-8 treatments in total to achieve up to 90% reduction of body hair in the treated region.